Feeding time

Ask miss 8 to feed the chooks, I turn around she’s In The wheelie bin that holds our feed.

Hilarious is s understatement determination sometimes amazes me!



People continually testing your patience!

I dunno know why, I have none the older I get the less filter I have

This time is crazy enough without family bs

Women problems

Well this morning during a 1.5 hour FaceTime call to my hubby, ended up with me having a swearing fit!!!

I couldn’t understand how to measure the thing the fan is bolted onto.

Let Alone use a socket with extension handle to remove a spark plug as picture above displays.

My poor hubby lucky he’s patient, finally had success and I got it all done.

Shake it up

Ok so I decided I needed to lose some of my extra love handles!!

Shakes in the morning first up, this particular morning happy, happy, joy, joy… put it all in the shaker go to shake and blend it up.

1st problem lids not on properly so all over me and the clean floor

2nd problem I gotta shower and change clothes

3rd clean kitchen

4th attempt process again

Getting fit and healthy is seriously hard work.. good luck my heathy followers…,

Scape goat

Reality hurts and bites ass!

I just got a message from miss 17, no mucking around straight to the point… message was alot of crap you had to filter through but basically all boils down to me the mum had to “get involved”…

umm she had asked me to now things don’t go her way it’s my fault!

My response is I’m sick of the emotional roller coaster, she lives with her dad I’m only good to be around on her terms or s bank.

So I blocked her number, good luck out in the world..